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From a legal point of view, a trademark is a sign which serves to distinguish the goods and services of one organisation from those of another. In other words, trademarks are exclusive rights used in order to indicate the origin of services and products, their quality and reputation within the marketplace.

In these terms it is clear that trademarks play a crucial role in the daily functioning of any undertaking; they are of the utmost relevance from a marketing and strategic point of view, providing a given product or service with an additional added value that might, in a certain situation, influence the purchase decision in one way or another.

Therefore, trademarks constitute a real asset for any company, and as such, due care has to be put in their daily use and defence.

Estimados clientes y amigos,

Les informamos de que a partir del próximo día 1 de Julio, SFP Legal traslada sus oficinas a la Calle Oquendo, número 23 (Madrid), nuestros restantes datos de contacto se mantienen igual. Aprovechamos la ocasión para desearles un feliz verano e invitarles a que visiten nuestras nuevas instalaciones.

Dear clients and friends,

By next 1st of July, SFP Legal is moving to a new office at Calle Oquendo, num. 23 (Madrid), please be informed that the rest of our contact details will remain the same. We take advantage of this communication to wish you a nice summer and invite you to visit our new premises.

El equipo de SFP Legal/ SFP Legal team